RejuvAus medical grade skincare uses the highest quality ingredients with no compromising additives that could affect its level of purity or results. The fragrances are organic, made from natural essential oils and plants.

All our serums, moisturisers, eye creams and sunscreens include combinations of multiple active essentials to boost skin nutrition, including antioxidants, pigment regulators, collagen stimulators, anti-inflammatories and anti-infective actives. They deliver proven modern science and the best of nature to help rejuvenate, restore and protect the skin.


Luxurious medicine for healthy skin

Why select Rejuvaus:


Combination of Multiple Actives

Potent combinations of pure, active ingredients that work in synergy to nourish your skin and activate its natural regeneration process.

Medical Grade

Doctor-led formulations with high concentrations of active ingredients, proven to be safe and effective for all skin types.

Natural Base

Silky therapeutic bases of essential oils and natural gel immersions that provide anti-inflammatory and anti-infective benefits, and mimic the skin’s lipid structure for flawless absorption.

Highest Quality Ingredients

The purest ingredients extracted from natural, organic sources, in bottles that were designed to protect their potency from oxidisation and light.

No Artificial Additives or Fillers

Free of blocking and occlusive filler chemicals - no artificial colours, fragrances, lanolin, mineral oils, parabens, silicones or synthetic fillers.

Cruelty Free & Vegan 

None of our products are tested on animals, and we do not fund animal testing for any aspect of our products or ingredients. 



The secret to youthful, rejuvenated skin is the right combination of multiple medical grade active ingredients. This is what Dr Garry Cussell observed throughout his vast experience in cosmetic medicine as he developed his vision for holistic medicine for your skin. Dr Cussell, together with wife and Principal Nurse, Robyn Cussell, established Rejuvenation Clinics of Australia in the year 2000 where they approached skin rejuvenation by nurturing the health of their clients’ skin with ingredients sourced from nature and applied by medical science.
Recognising the need for a cosmeceutical range with multiple medical grade actives in each product, that is safe for all skin types and uncompromised by synthetic fillers and additives that have little therapeutic benefit, Dr Cussell was inspired to formulate RejuvAus. Developed and perfected over many years, RejuvAus has pure, concentrated organic actives that work in synergy, proven safe and effective at producing results, protecting and soothing your skin, and providing everything you need for holistic rejuvenation you can see and feel.  

Nurse Robyn & Dr Garry Cussell
Directors & Founders of Rejuvaus & Rejuvenation Clinics of Australia