Recycling Program 

Product Refill

Recycling that makes you more beautiful!

  • It starts with a reusable design

    Each RejuvAus bottle is made with an inner tube to dispense the product and a protective outer shell to prevent oxidisation, light and other damage to the natural active ingredients inside.

  • Purchase a filled inner tube, receive up to $20 off*

    When you purchase an inner tube and reuse your outer shell, you’ll receive $20 off your serums and moisturisers ($10 off cleansers) as our thanks to you for helping the planet.

  • Recycle and Reuse

    The empty inner tubes are recyclable, apart from the pump. You may reuse the outer shells of your RejuvAus bottles as many times as you like. Each time you do, you’ll be preventing additional plastic items from being produced!


Receive up to $20 OFF for helping the planet

Our passion for clean beauty doesn’t end with natural, organic skincare ingredients. Clean beauty also means reducing your environmental impact, which is why we launched our RejuvAus Recycling program.

Reuse parts of your bottle and reap rewards.


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Receive up to $20 off for
helping the planet

Reduce, Reuse, Recycle

Replace the inner tube 


Excellent ventilation and protection from the elements

1. Hold the lower white shoulder below the pump and gently unscrew 

Quick and easy setup

2. Remove inner tube, replace with a new one and screw into place

Replace the inner tube 


Excellent ventilation and protection from the elements

1. Push the pump down

Quick and easy setup

2. With your finger in the groove behind the nozzle, lift off the silver lid

Quick and easy setup

3. Swap the inner tube and put the silver lid back on the bottle and press it down so it clicks into place  

*RejuvAus Recycling Program – Terms & Conditions:

  • ▪ Reuse your RejuvAus outer bottle and receive discount on filled inner tube
  • ▪ Discount is $20 off serums and moisturisers in S, M or E categories, $10 off cleansers in C category  
  • ▪ Valid only for RejuvAus products in applicable bottles  
  • ▪ Not valid for supplement containers 
  • ▪ This program is ongoing until stated otherwise  
  • ▪ The inner tube must be the same product as the outer tube  
  • ▪ Currently only available in Australia