Glycolic Acid

Glycolic Acid completes our 360-degree approach to skin exfoliation. This natural sugar-derived AHA dissolves the proteins between dead skin cells and increases cell turnover to reveal healthy new cells underneath.

This thoroughly researched and well-proven AHA stimulates collagen production to help reduce pores, scarring, discolouration (from either sun damage or post-spot staining) and fine lines.

Glycolic Acid cleansers resurface the skin by clearing away dead skin cells allowing potent actives to penetrate deeper into the skin where most ageing occurs.

Sun exposure, age and pollution can slow our natural exfoliation process, so Glycolic Acid speeds this up for a clearer, smoother complexion.

It has a smaller molecular size than other AHAs, allowing it to penetrate more deeply, but can be irritating to sensitive skin. Most over-the-counter brands use synthetic versions, but Rejuvaus uses fruit-derived Glycolic Acid buffered with anti-inflammatories to prevent irritation.

Deep Exfoliating AHA Cleanser 120ml

A deeply renewing and exfoliating gel cleanser that decongests, helps exfoliate& renew without drying, to leave skin with a visibly clearer, smoother andrefined appearance.

Gentle Exfoliating AHA Cleanser 120ml

An antioxidant rich exfoliating gel cleanser that gently purifies as it tones. Helps thoroughly clean and effectively exfoliate dead skin cells without drying, to leave skin with a visibly fresh, supple and glowing appearance.