Activated Charcoal Face Wash

Activated Charcoal is a carbon often used in hospitals to draw out and absorb toxins when treating drug overdoses and alcohol poisoning.

This porous nature has made it a popular skincare ingredient in clarifying cleansers, masks and exfoliators.

It works like a magnet: attracting, trapping and removing oil and breakout-causing environmental toxins lodged in the pores, making them look smaller – like a skin detox. It absorbs two hundred times more excess sebum (the skin’s natural oil) than any other ingredient before it leads to blackheads and breakouts in both teens and premenstrual women.

It is perfect for mattifying and balancing oily or combination skin struggling with clogged pores and an oily T-zone, clearing congestion, bacteria and inflammation.

Its microbial properties help remove dead skin cells, making it a gentle but effective exfoliator, perfectly complementing fruit-derived AHAs for deep exfoliation without disrupting the pH.

Deep Exfoliating AHA Cleanser 120ml

A deeply renewing and exfoliating gel cleanser that decongests, helps exfoliate& renew without drying, to leave skin with a visibly clearer, smoother andrefined appearance.