The Importance of Daily Sunscreen.
Application unscreens play a vital role in preventing pigmentation caused by the damaging effects of ageing UVA rays, which can be strong all year round, even on seemingly dull days.
However, many individuals tend to avoid wearing sunscreen on a daily basis due to the undesirable sticky and greasy film it can leave on the skin. This reluctance is often rooted in the lack of awareness regarding the limitations of chemical filters commonly found in sunscreens.
These filters absorb UV energy but degrade after a span of two hours, necessitating frequent reapplication.

Rejuvaus' Innovative Solution for Enhanced Sun Protection
We have developed an alternative approach to sun protection that addresses the concerns associated with conventional sunscreens. Our formula incorporates pure mineral filters boasting a high concentration of zinc and titanium dioxide. These mineral filters work by reflecting UV energy away from the skin, providing longer-lasting and more skin-friendly protection. By utilising this innovative technology, Rejuvaus ensures that your skin remains shielded from the harmful effects of UVA rays.

i • Solar™ Protect & Restore INVISIBLE ZINC LOTION | i • Active™ 19 Intelligent Actives
Few sunscreens contain enough antioxidants due to the production cost of blending high-quality actives synergistically, whilst ensuring their stability. Our i • ActiveTM formulas show what’s possible when sunscreens contain everything your skin needs and more.

Our super hydrating sunscreen delivers an unprecedented concentration of medical-grade antioxidants, pigment regulators and prebiotics to improve your skin at the cellular level. Skin-brightener Kakadu Plum Extract (Vitamin C), and antioxidants Vitamin E, CoQ10, Reservatrol, and L-Carnitine make our sunscreen work harder, protecting your skin from premature ageing and helping reverse sun damage.

Encapsulated Niacinamide evens skin tone, softens fine lines and balances congested skin without irritation.

i • Solar Protect & Restore Invisible Zinc Lotion 50ml

Light, hydrating, reparative moisturiser, and physical mineral protective barrier for UV energy. Super Moisturising UV Lotion is formulated with Kakadu Plum and Niacinamide which promote a healthy complexion by improving skin smoothness, minimizing dark spots, and reducing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. It contains antioxidants which combat skin-aging free radicals associated with ultraviolet (UV) and infrared radiation (IR) and offers high-energy visible (HEV) light protection. Non-occlusive and non-comedogenic formula that also functions as a primer under makeup.