Caviar Lime

Caviar lime, also known as finger lime, is a captivating fruit that is capturing attention for its unique appearance and delightful taste. It is the fruit of a shrub called Microcitrus australasica, which is native to the rainforests of the Australian East coast. The fruit bears a resemblance to small green to purple lemons and has a slender, cylindrical shape.

The fruit is known to be a unique source of alpha hydroxy acids (AHAs), which are chemical compounds commonly used in skincare products for their exfoliating properties. AHAs assist in removing dead skin cells, promoting skin cell turnover, and contributing to a smoother, brighter, and more even complexion.

Rejuvaus has thoughtfully infused Caviar lime extract into three of their exceptional products: the Bright & Correct Niacinamide Serum, Rejuvenate & Restore Growth Factor Serum, and Clarifying Serum. These products have been carefully formulated to offer a gentle exfoliation experience and help foster a more youthful appearance. The inclusion of Caviar lime extract is believed to contribute to improving skin texture, diminishing the visibility of fine lines and wrinkles, and augmenting the overall radiance of the skin.

Clarify & Renew AHA BHA SERUM 30ml

Encapsulated Salicylic acid 15%, Lactic acid 0.5%, Fruit Acid Exfoliant Blend 15%, Growth Factors and more

Bright & Correct Niacinamide Serum 30ml

Brighten dull, pigmented skin and restore youthful radiance and skin clarity with our high-performance blend of brightening actives for luminous, smooth, even-toned skin. With an abundance of anti-inflammatory and antioxidant ingredients which not only calm and soothe the skin, but also reduce new pigment formation. The pre, pro and post biotics also have a balancing effect, and help to reduce redness and uneven pigement distribution. Ideal for sunspots, acne scarring, or pigmentation problems caused by hormonal fluctuations, stress or pregnancy.

Rejuvenate & Restore Growth Factor Serum 30ml

Helps improve the appearance of thinning, stressed skin, to deliver a more resilient, smooth and revitalised complexion. Combining clinically proven, active ingredients to improve overall appearance of clarity & tone so skin feels plump, nourished and soothed.